Created in 2018, VizoArts provides assistance to artists, musicians, and performers in the Chicagoland area.


Our Mission

VizoArts seeks to facilitate and support a creative community for the arts in Illinois. Our initial focus is in Chicago’s western suburbs.

Our Vision

VizoArts wants to make a difference in the lives of local artists and enrich the arts in our communities.


VizoArts provides support directly to local artists for supplies, shows and outreach activities. We deliver business and marketing expertise. And we develop collaborations with existing organizations that support arts.

Within our board, we have one member with extensive experience in organizing, promoting and running special events, in building collaborative relationships with park districts, businesses, youth groups, schools and municipalities, and in budgeting; one member who is a fine arts photographer who liaises with artists and possesses a special skill set of helping artists develop their own unique style and is part of their informal networks; and one who is experienced in managing, marketing, and raising funds for nonprofit organizations.

What We've Achieved

  • We have supported local children’s literacy programs, a maker space, a play area for children, community gardens, and food pantries.

  • See our Partners and Projects page for a list of artists we currently support.

  • Stay tuned for future projects and events.

  • Let us know what motivates you. What is your passion? Send us an email. We’d love to hear about your projects and events.

We see art in everything! How can we help you? Send us an  email .

We see art in everything! How can we help you? Send us an email.