Are you an Illinois artist, musician, performer or a creative person? If so, there is absolutely no reason not to have an online presence to promote your art and music. Here’s an opportunity for you to have a FREE PORTFOLIO WEBPAGE, hosted by VizoArts.

The benefits of your FREE PORTFOLIO WEBPAGE:

  • It’s totally free to set up

  • The web hosting is free

  • VizoArts will set up and design your portfolio webpage for free with input from you. We will update your page for you as needed (i.e., new shows, new art work, new music).

  • You are able to market your portfolio page from our platform to your social media pages

  • We will promote your free portfolio webpage on our site

  • You’ll have a portfolio webpage dedicated to you

  • You’ll be part of a community of other artists

  • A well presented portfolio is crucial if you’re trying to get noticed in this visual industry

  • Think of your webpage as a professional resume that you can send to a client, job openings, art studio or gallery, another artist or a fan.

  • Even if you already have a self-hosted website, you can sign up for a free portfolio page with VizoArts. This is a good opportunity to direct traffic to your main art page or art blog.

What do we need from you to get you set up for a FREE PORTFOLIO WEBPAGE?

  • Your first and last name

  • Your address and phone number(s) - Let us know if you want this visible on your webpage or kept private

  • Your email address

  • The name of your business or studio or stage name and your specialty

  • A photo of yourself

  • Your bio

  • Jpegs of your art work, flyers, shows, studio music, etc. Send us anything that you feel will help promote you.

  • Your social media pages, Linkedin and any other pages so we can link them on your webpage

  • Your webpage (if you have one)

  • Submit a picture for the banner on your webpage

  • Anything else that is interesting about you

Email your information to:

Joe -

John -