The thing that got me into painting was the incredible stylings of Bob Ross. I always remember watching him as a kid and thinking, man that looks so easy. After I attended my first paint class, I realized the process is really simple and the brush stokes are what really makes the painting.

The subject matter that I love painting the most is the ocean. My favorite color is blue, and with the natural beauty of all the diverse shades within the ocean, it has provided me with the perfect subject matter and inspiration, in many of my paintings.

After attending my first class at a sip and paint event, I enjoyed it so much that I had a small gathering at my house so my close friends and family could create their own painting. The gathering was a huge success and everyone left feeling like they had accomplished something big. Two weeks later I was called and asked if I could host the same event for a friend. From there, word travelled and with the growing trend of these kind of parties, the demand for these painting parties has truly flourished. It is wonderful to meet so many people, enjoying the love of painting for fun. I have really enjoyed this journey.

My sip and paint events have been largely successful because I come to the person’s home to provide the service, and can accommodate up to thirty. I provide all supplies needed, including tables and chairs, if needed. Prices are based on the amount of detail the painting requires, and prices can be discussed upon request. Please view the slide show below to see a sip and paint event.

You can contact me at dimarie77@yahoo.com.

Enjoy the slide show of one of DiMarie’s Sip and Paint Parties